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What is Wire EDM?

May. 27, 2021

Wire EDM was first commercially developed in the 1970s and has become increasingly popular due to its reliable accuracy and low machine wear. It is a non-contact method with low machine wear and therefore reduced machine maintenance. Once the electrode is close enough, it will spark and corrode the metal. It is best suited to high tolerance parts, extremely hard steel or other hard materials such as carbide or titanium. Next, the wire cutting machine supplier will explain things you may want to know about wire cutting machine.


Just like EDM, wire cutting is a very precise process. However, it is a slow process and its speed decreases exponentially as the thickness of the material being cut increases. To perform wire cutting, you need a solid CAD model of the part so that the machine has a model around which the cut path can be generated. It has an excellent surface finish and can also produce complex or delicate patterns. 


1. What is an EDM machine line?

There is a machining method that uses the phenomenon of high pressure electrical discharge to cut metal. Two types of tools use this method, namely wire EDM and die EDM. The term "wire for EDM machines" refers to the wire used to generate the electrical discharge in the wire cut EDM machine.


2. How to use the wire for EDM machines

Wire EDM creates an electrical discharge between the workpiece (metal) and the wire used in the EDM machine when the wire is fed continuously. This melts and cuts the metal in a manner similar to a wire saw.

The diameter of the wire is determined by the shape and thickness of the metal to be machined. Wires with a diameter of 0.1 to 0.3 mm are usually used. The metal to be worked melts and is cut as a result of the discharge, but the wire is partially consumed at the same time due to the formation of the discharge traces. (Traces are created when the wire surface melts and splashes.)

The partially consumed wire is not strong enough to withstand any significant tension. Therefore, a continuous supply of new wire is necessary. The wires are sold on spools and can therefore be supplied continuously during the EDM process.

Wire Cut EDM Machine

 Wire Cut Edm Machine

3. Types of wire for EDM machines

There are two main types of wire used for EDM machines, brass wire and coated wire.


(1) General purpose brass wire

Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc and has excellent discharge characteristics.

These discharge characteristics improve as the zinc content of the brass increases. However, the reduced ductility of brass makes it difficult to form brass with high zinc content into fine wire.

Considering the balance between product properties and processing characteristics, brasses with a zinc content of 35 to 40 per cent are widely used.

(2) Coated wire

The single-layer structure has many characteristics that are limiting. Coated wire has the ability to overcome these limitations.

Currently, the main types of coated wire on the market are zinc-coated wire and diffusion annealed wire.


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